What Is Your Broken Window?

Last week my wife and I went out for a meal one evening – we don’t do it too often but our daughter was heading off on a 3-week holiday and had offered to stay home that night to mind her younger brothers while she packed. We strolled the streets of Kilkenny – a small [...]

We Can’t Ask That!

I was designing an online customer satisfaction survey recently for a client – and I had included a question asking my client’s customers how they thought my client could improve. It’s a common question to ask in such surveys. Though its form can differ, its core purpose is always the same – to learn what [...]

Are You Irritating Customers?

In mid-June my wife called her bank’s credit card services. The credit card was about to expire and the replacement had failed to arrive. We were about to leave on holidays for two weeks and she wanted to see if she could get the replacement before we set off. She waited impatiently on hold for [...]