Imagine if your doctor deliberately started scheduling appointments to be 5 minutes longer. Imagine if they actively facilitated email contact with you. Imagine if they were available for after-hours appointments without an emergency needing to have happened. Too good to be true? This is exactly the approach being taken by a San Francisco doctor – [...]

Moving Past Indecision

Recently I ran a workshop for a group of people who are all considering starting their own businesses. The topic was “Exploring The Opportunity” and I was there to offer some insight into market research – what it is, why to do it, how to do it, etc. All the attendees were planning to seek [...]

Are You Listening?

In a recent post I described the importance of fixing the small things (or “broken windows”) in our businesses so that people don’t think we’re neglecting our business. As is the norm, I also sent the same article to my email list. I had a surprising reaction – two people contacted me and pointed out [...]