Recently I was invited to take part in an online survey by a national group here in Ireland.  One of the questions asked “are you a member…” and offered two answers – “yes” or “no”.  The question was also obligatory, i.e., it was not possible to proceed to the next page of the survey without [...]

The Friendly Postman

I was talking to a client last week who is worried.  His employees have let standards slip in the speed with which they get back to customers.  It’s a little thing – but one he needs to address.  Here’s a recent post on how the little things can be important. I was reminded of my [...]

Make Life Easy For Customers

In my business I take a close look at my financial numbers on (at least) a monthly basis.  Now I decided recently that I’d like to be able to finalise my monthly accounts on the 1st of the month.  There’s no problem getting most of the information necessary for that – including stuff like receipts, [...]

A large majority (80%) of Irish Garda (Police) stations reported just one crime or less per day in 2011. Now it is undoubtedly difficult to ascertain the precise number of crimes committed – as some proportion of crimes are inevitably unreported. But the low number of crimes reported has brought into focus the question of [...]