Do Focus Groups Kill Innovation?

I came across an article recently in which author Gianfranco Zaccai claimed he has “never seen innovation come out of a focus group“.  Indeed, he claims that focus groups “kill innovation”.  Strong words!   I can understand where he’s coming from – creativity cannot be mandated or ordered.   Is it even possible to “generate” innovative [...]

How About This For An Attitude?

Recently I used the services of a provider.  I’ll keep their identity private – but I want to make their attitude public.   I got an email from them yesterday that included the following : “In the spirit of openness and desire for continuous improvement in customer service, are there a few things you can [...]

The Customer’s Experience

In a 1991 film “The Doctor” William Hurt played the main role – portraying a doctor whose manner towards patients left a lot to be desired!   His attitude began to change however when he was diagnosed with cancer and himself became a patient.  This different perspective showed him just how badly many in the [...]

Plug The Leaks

Last Sunday Kilkenny won the All-Ireland Hurling Final by defeating Galway.  (If you don’t know what hurling is here’s a wonderful video introduction.)  The match was a replay – the original game having been drawn in a gripping encounter three weeks previously.   The replay had been eagerly awaited – the majority of pundits leaning [...]