Strumming The Pain

Last weekend I was listening to a news item on the radio – it was about a project in Texas where music is being used to help American vets deal with their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   Basically it involves skilled singer-songwriters working 1:1 with the vets, asking the vets to relay their experiences and [...]

I recently completed a customer satisfaction project for a client – using a combination of telephone interviews and online surveys to probe what a wide variety of customers thought of my client’s offering.   As I normally do in such projects, I made a series of prioritised recommendations at the report stage on what my [...]

She Just Wouldn’t Listen

I was chatting with my brother last weekend and he was telling me of his efforts to upgrade his mobile phone.  He had a clear picture of what he was looking for.  He wanted it to be compatible with the hands-free setup in his car, he wanted to be able to easily synchronise its contacts [...]

Recovering After Sandy

On Friday I got an email from a provider that I use for chat software for my website. You know the type of software I mean? It’s the sort of tool that allows a visitor to a company’s website to choose to chat with the company directly through the website. Mine is from a company [...]

Wool Over Eyes

The Irish Minister for Health is claiming that Irish hospital consultants are paid well above average compared to their international equivalents.  Meanwhile the consultants say that the high salaries are necessary so as to continue to attract the high calibre people to the profession.  The Minister’s perspective suggests that consultant’s salaries could be cut – [...]