Earlier this week I ran a vox pop on President Obama’s focus in his second term. There were just 2 questions – firstly what his focus should be and secondly what his focus will be – and the options to choose from for both questions were identical and were as follows:   o Nuclear proliferation [...]

I’m a big football fan and I’ve just finished a book celebrating Alex Ferguson’s “25 Years At The Top”.  You may know about Ferguson but, if you don’t, he’s widely regarded as the most successful football manager ever.   I reckon though that his approach to the management of Manchester United contains lessons that can [...]

Sometimes a change is good – so today’s blog post is a bit different. I’m guessing you know that Barack Obama will be publicly sworn into office today. As he begins his second term I thought it would be interesting to find out what you think the focus of his efforts should be and what [...]

You’ve measured the satisfaction level of your customers at two different times and you’ve seen the level increase.  Can you conclude that you’ve been making your customers happier?   It’s tempting to conclude “yes” isn’t it?  But not so fast…  What if, for example, business and consumer sentiment has been improving over the same period [...]