Make Life Easy For Your Customers

I get too many emails. Now most days I do empty my in-tray – but I only manage to do that because I’m filing the emails in a series of sub-folders. And to be honest there are some sub-folders, e.g., the “to be read” one, that I hardly ever look in.   Last week, rather [...]

Some of you know I support Leeds.   (We’re talking football here!)   And you may remember a post I wrote back in April talking about Neil Warnock – the Leeds manager – and his failure to take responsibility for results. The team’s problems were always someone else’s fault.   At the time Leeds were in [...]

One morning recently I tried contacting a government agency.  Things must have been very busy for them because…   Their phone was not being answered by a live human being.   Neither was it answered by one of those messages that directs you to press different numbers for different departments.   And neither was it [...]

Last Friday my son and I drove by a hotel here in Kilkenny.  We were looking for a hot chocolate for him.  There were three flagpoles outside the hotel – for the European Union, Kilkenny & Ireland.  The Irish flag had fallen to the very bottom of its flagpole and was lying on the ground.  [...]