Ireland Can Beat Sweden

In your business what do you do when you have a failure? Do you recognise it as such? Or do you make excuses?   If you do recognise it as such, do you diagnose what it is that you did wrong?   If you do diagnose what you did wrong do you plan to remedy [...]

Ask : “Why is that the case?”

For your business you’ll nearly always want to know why something is happening – not just that it is happening.   You don’t want to know why simply out of curiosity.  That’s useless.  You want to know why so that you can take action.   Imagine a customer satisfaction survey shows you that your customers [...]

Tips for Growing Your Email List

My mother turns 90 next week.  I’m bringing her to a concert in the National Concert Hall in Dublin.   The online booking form included the question : “Would you like to receive details as to events… by Email”.  “Yes” and “No” were available from a pull-down menu – but neither was pre-selected.  However it [...]