If you were choosing whether to increase your employees’ satisfaction or their engagement – which would you choose?   Or would you even consider there to be any difference between the two?   Perhaps you’re like some of the employers whom I’ve been talking to recently about this.  They use the two terms interchangeably [...]

Now this is how to do it!

In last week’s blog I was talking about the importance of being available to your customers.   Well , surprise, surprise – today I’ve actually got a good news story to share with you on this topic.  It happened earlier this week when I called my electricity & gas supplier – the same company does [...]

Are Your Easily Contactable?

Today one of my admin tasks was switching mobile phones.  It was one of those pain in the a** jobs – but not too mentally taxing!   Anyway, at one point as part of that process I needed to email my mobile service provider – by filling in one of those “contact form” thingees on [...]