Sunday was a tough day for fans of Irish Rugby.   We came agonisingly close to beating the New Zealand All-Blacks – the best team in the world.  We’ve never beaten them since we first played them 108 years ago.  We had led for nearly the entire game and New Zealand came back to beat [...]

JFK – Tempus Fugit

Unless you’re from Mars you’ll know that JFK was assassinated 50 years ago today.   The day always resonates with me – for two reasons.   Firstly – he was the same age as my father – another John –  who was born just a few months before him in 1917.   Secondly – one [...]

Reversing around a corner

“Reversing around a corner”   The fearsome phrase is dreaded by many young Irish drivers who, as part of their driving test, are required to reverse around a corner without hitting the kerb, while keeping an eye out for other vehicles and while demonstrating familiarity with their blind spot.  Oh – and there’s the little [...]