If you know me at all by now you’ll know that I’m regularly harping on about how we can all improve our businesses.  And one simple way of doing that is to use your alone time behind the wheel in some productive way.   Recently I was driving out of town to a meeting.  [...]

The daffodils are up

Our shed sits in a corner of our garden that gets a lot of sun.  And there’s a patch of earth beside it.  I was out yesterday morning getting some kindling for the fire from the shed and I just took a moment to look around.  Green shoots caught my attention – the daffodils are [...]

A lesson from Breaking Bad

We took out a Netflix subscription at home just before Christmas.  And my wife and I are now engrossed in Breaking Bad – we’re at the end of series 2.  (Don’t tell me anything that happens after that!)   It’s a real antidote to work and parenting – but there was a line in an [...]

Happy New Year!   I’m not really one for making resolutions – but this year I’ve made one.  Let me tell you why.   I was out for a 5km run Monday 30th – working off some of the Christmas excesses.  I hadn’t weighed myself before deciding to go running – I just felt like [...]