Taking care of basics

  I’m a member of a marketing mastermind group.   Recently one of the members – let’s call him “Tom” to protect his privacy – described an idea he had for a new service. I can’t give you the details – but it’s a service that’s targeted at property owners.   Tom posed the following [...]

The challenge to improve

  This post was triggered by a soccer story – just like last week’s Everton story.  I need to be careful not to do that too often – don’t want to annoy those readers who’ve no interest in football!   There’s a young Belgian player playing for Chelsea.  His name is Eden Hazard.  He has [...]

  I told a story nearly two years ago about outstanding customer service by Everton – a soccer team in England’s Premiership.  Well they’ve done it again.   If you’re in Ireland or the UK you’ll have been battered this week by a storm.  The storm damaged buildings in the vicinity of Everton’s ground – [...]

  A few days ago I drove into Wexford Town. It was a lovely morning and it was refreshing to see the sea and smell the sea air before heading in the door of a hotel for a long meeting. I love living in Kilkenny but it would be great if it was just a [...]