“I want to do an online survey of my customers.”   That’s a statement I’ve heard many times from people.  However, it might not be the best thing to do.  Or it might not be sufficiently well defined.   People are always surprised when I don’t immediately say – “Ok – let’s do it”.  [...]

An offer to grow your revenue

  I typically tell you a story in these posts.   The recent feedback has been interesting.  To give you a flavour:   Seán said he had noticed a distinct lack of so-called “calls to action”. Mary wondered what I was selling as she thought what I was writing was, though interesting, rhetorical “social commentary”. [...]

  I was at a networking meeting last week.   One of the elements of the meeting was that we were split into small groups at different tables to brainstorm on how we could improve the network.   Each small group spent 20 minutes brainstorming.   Then each table in sequence, through their spokesperson, summarised [...]