A Complete Solution for Your 2021 Client Survey


If you're considering getting outside help with your 2021 Client Survey we're ready to help.  At SurveyGuru we've been taking care of the client survey for LEOs (and before them EBs) for 12 years - beginning way back in 2009.

If you use us you’ll be freeing up your team to work on other key projects.  You'll also get the peace of mind of knowing that the project will be taken care of on time, hassle-free, and to a high level of quality.

Here's what some LEOs have said about their experiences with us:

Ita Horan, Tipperary LEO

  • "Very helpful to the LEO and its clients"
  • "84% completion rate"
  • "Very professional and competent"
  • "Excellent customer engagement abilities"
  • "Most proficient, flexible"

Paul McGuirk, Cork City LEO

  • "Very efficient and professional service"
  • "Happy to recommend to others"

Nicola Carmody, Meath LEO

  • "It is extremely valuable to have SurveyGuru work on this project."
  • "I found SurveyGuru efficient and professional."

Fiona Deegan, Kilkenny LEO

  • "We were extremely happy with the service offered."

Éamon Ryan, Limerick LEO

  • "impressed by the professionalism"
  • results of the work carried out was first class
  • efficient

Evelyn Reddin, Laois LEO

  • "very comprehensive report"
  • "valuable feedback from our clients on any issues they were having"
  • "updated our database where necessary"
  • "78% completion rate"

Jacqui Gaule, Waterford LEO

  • "excellent service which was tailored"
  • "succeeded in contacting a high percentage of our client base"
  • "responsive to any requests"

Michael Nevin, Longford LEO

  • "professional and efficient approach"
  • "credible to our clients"

Tom Banville, Wexford LEO

  • "very helpful"
  • "showed good initiative"

Ciara McGee, South Cork LEO

  • "very valuable"
  • "able to present the required information professionally and within the specified deadline"
  • "experience and dealings with SurveyGuru were very positive"

Over the past 12 years, we’ve moved seamlessly from what used to be a simple employment numbers survey for the EBs to the broader client survey for LEOs. Our process is efficient and repeatable – so you can be assured of a punctual, precise and comprehensive result.

The Benefits – What You Get

  • Completion within 6 weeks of us receiving your database from you
  • High completion rate - with weekly updates so that you can track progress
  • Representing you professionally and credibly to your clients
  • Customisation of questionnaire if desired (while of course retaining Enterprise Ireland’s template)
  • Well-oiled, solid and repeatable process
  • GDPR compliance
  • Cleaning your database as/if required
  • Statistical analysis of employment numbers and of sales
  • Rapid responsiveness to all your queries throughout the process

The Process – How We Do It

  • You send us your client data. (We’ll use your client data for the sole purpose of contacting them to take part in the survey.)
  • Those clients with email addresses are invited, within 1 working day of us receiving your client data, to provide the survey answers via an online survey. (Filling in details online is always preferable for a portion of clients. The online option also helps assure some people as to SurveyGuru’s bona fides – whether or not they actually answer online. And there are always some clients who are uncomfortable and even unwilling to give out certain information over the phone.)
  • The online survey will also reflect any customisation you’ve requested.
  • In any emails to your clients, I will be careful to cc the relevant person at your LEO – you or a designate. This will both keep you informed and will also help assure your clients as to my bona fides.
  • All invalid email addresses will be flagged to you promptly – the majority within 1 working day.
  • For those clients who choose not to answer online, or for whom we do not have an email address, we make upwards of 6 phone-calls in an effort to get their answers to the survey questions.
  • Invalid/missing phone numbers will be flagged to you within 1 working day of us finishing the first cycle of calls through all your clients. We will then gladly use any number(s) you add/change in our subsequent efforts to reach the clients.
  • We capture how each client’s answers have been captured – voice, email or online survey.
  • When data collection is complete we analyse the data.
  • You get your results within 6 weeks of when you provided us with your client list.
  • Confidentiality & Data Protection: After the project is complete, and your LEO has confirmed receipt of the survey results, we delete your clients’ contact information.

Note: You may wish to look at the template on which your unique survey will be based.  Here's that template.

Note: The structure of the survey and/or its timing could change as a result of Enterprise Ireland changes. We’ll adapt promptly and as fully to any such changes – and we’ll do endeavour to do so without you incurring any additional cost.

Note: If you have any questions you want your clients asked in addition to the Enterprise Ireland template, we can customise as required.  Any such customisation may carry with it an additional cost.


Your Cost?

  • €1650 + €11 per client
  • For 100 clients: €1650 + €11*100 = €2750 + VAT
  • For 150 clients: €1650 + €11*150 = €3300 + VAT
  • Etc.


To take advantage of this offer just email a "yes" and include the estimated number of clients.  That will allow us to calculate the amount for the 30% deposit which we'll then invoice you for.

If a PO is required please send that too and we'll include it in the invoice.

I know you can’t know yet what the precise number of clients will end up as.  No worries - we can adjust accordingly when it comes time to invoice you for the balance.  (That second invoice is only issued after we've provided you with your results.)

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the service further, book a 15-minute call directly into Brendan's calendar by clicking here.