Are you an organisation looking to gather feedback or find out more detailed information about your clients?

Do you need help devising a strategy?  Or are you looking implement a new programme or improve one you currently run?

You can gain valuable insights, improve your quality of service, and discover problems before they’re problems, all through the power of evaluation…

At SurveyGuru we carry out customised research campaigns for a wide variety of organisations. These research projects provide valuable insight into the opinions and needs of the organisations’ various members. There are many reasons for wanting to run a research campaign, and the core reason for doing so must be at the forefront of your mind when approaching a campaign, to ensure that you meet your goals and deliver a campaign that works for you and gives you the results you want.

These could include but are not limited to:

  • New strategies
  • Developing or improving programmes
  • Increasing membership
  • Gaining valuable insight from clients
  • Evaluating the needs of the company
  • The improvement of services you offer

By discovering what the results are telling you, you can implement and improve the way you run your organisation.

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What research tools does SurveyGuru use to carry out a research campaign? After the research has been completed, what’s next?

SurveyGuru uses a variety of research techniques to get the clients desired results these could include but are not limited to:

  • online surveys
  • focus-groups
  • face-to-face interviews
  • phone/internet interviews
  • paper-based questionnaires

After the research phase has been completed, clients receive a representative, deep and data-backed picture of their landscape of interest combined with a clear direction in which to proceed and ultimately grow their organisation  or non-profit.

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Who am I and How can I help you?

I’m Brendan Cullen, the founder of SurveyGuru, and I’m here to help you take the effort and stress out of research campaigns.

With 11 years’ experience in project management and consultancy, my unique blend of analytical and project management skills, combined with an adaptable pragmatic approach makes what I can do for you truly unique. I help you every step of the way, from designing the campaign in the first place to presenting the results in a useful and intelligent format.

Don’t take my word for it here’s what my clients have to say…

We needed to find out why many Amnesty International members provide financial support but are not active in our local group. SurveyGuru helped us to identify the questions we needed to ask of local non-active members. They were there every step of the way – from survey design right through to presenting the results to us. They were extremely responsive and supportive at every stage. Now, based on the survey results, we can develop a clear plan of how to engage new or inactive members. The bonus is that as well as knowing what members want from the local group we have identified individuals who will hopefully increase our active group membership by 50%!

Amnesty International Group
Kilkenny Ireland

We engaged the services of Brendan Cullen of SurveyGuru to carry out a post programme evaluation for a new initiative that we had undertaken.  From start to finish, Brendan was a pleasure to deal with. He took the time to understand our requirements and fully delivered on his proposal. I would have no hesitation in recommending SurveyGuru.

Geraldine Beirne
Offaly Local Enterprise Office

Before having SurveyGuru carry out this research we thought we had some sense of our members’ opinions.  We quickly learnt that our knowledge was shallow and not much more than anecdotal.  Working with Brendan was an eye-opener – his knowledge of what to ask, what not to ask, how to ask it, when to ask it, and of whom to ask it was hugely helpful.  Allied to that, his analytical and interpretive skills provided us with a superb report.  And he didn’t drown us in superfluous detail – we got a detailed list of prioritised recommendations – all data-backed.  This allowed us to confidently make decisions – exactly what we had been looking for.

Hadas Levy

Brendan has great focus – I noticed this when he was helping me pin down my research goal.  I had some idea of what I wanted to find out – but it definitely needed refining.  Brendan helped me tease that out.  He never assumed he knew what I wanted.    His objective design input also helped us avoid internal groupthink.  That external expertise added authenticity to the process.  And helped ensure we only asked what we needed to ask – and asked it in the simplest way possible.  Brendan was always very professional and highly engaged in the process.  Overall, the research gave us what we wanted – an insight into parents’ perspectives and clear guidance to help our forward planning.  It was definitely worth it!”

Gretta Murphy
Kilkenny County Childcare Committee

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