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Brendan Cullen“Grow your business by getting valuable insights and learning how you can improve your quality of service, find out additional products/services you can sell, and much more.

Let SurveyGuru help you take the effort and stress out of surveying your customers.”

– Brendan Cullen, Founder

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More Than Just A Survey…

To properly get a return on your investment of your time and money when it comes to customer feedback, you need to have a clear, structured and analytical approach.

This is far more than just setting up a quick questionnaire.

You need to understand what you should do more of, and perhaps what you should do less of. You may even need to find out whether or not you carry on doing certain things at all – whether that’s marketing, business or sales processes.

Wouldn’t you like to find out what you can change? So that you can concentrate on growing your business and executing your marketing and sales strategies?

And wouldn’t you like to find out what you should offer, that you’re currently not providing?

This is where I come in, and help you transform your business. Through an eight step process, I guide you through the survey / research plan, and ensure that you get a series of recommendations that you can focus on implementing, rather than spending hours upon hours trying to analyse numbers on a spreadsheet.

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About Brendan…

Let’s be completely honest, you don’t really “care” about me. You care about what I can do for you. But you might be wondering, just who I am, and whether my advice is worth taking.

Well, as a (certified) project manager I have gained invaluable experience over the years, when it comes to managing complex scenarios often involving lots of…

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Amnesty International Ireland required a multi-year activism strategy. The research aspect of developing the strategy required an extensive degree of consultation with Amnesty Ireland membership. Brendan Cullen of SurveyGuru helped design and deliver a survey that helped us reach out to the various constituencies within our membership and his analysis directly contributed to the delivery of a strong and viable strategy that will help shape how we work to deliver human rights results over the next 3 years.

Kieran Clifford, Campaigns and Activism Manager Amnesty International Ireland

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We used SurveyGuru to carry out research for a story which we were running in the newspaper on headshops. As a local paper, we were eager to have our own primary research from Kilkenny people. We wanted to know the opinions of the people on the street and we needed to be sure that the information was correct and reliable for use in a story. SurveyGuru was extremely helpful in compiling appropriate questions that would result in interesting and informative answers. They then compiled the answers and extracted the information putting it together in simple to read graph form. They provided an excellent service to the Kilkenny Advertiser and we would certainly use them again for future stories requiring primary research techniques.

Naoise Coogan Editor, Kilkenny Advertiser, Kilkenny, Ireland

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SurveyGuru recently assisted with the design & deployment of a large survey for us and also carried out an analysis of the data collected. Despite the breadth and depth of the survey objectives, we exceeded our target response rate. I believe this was largely attributable to the expert guidance of SurveyGuru. They advised us on our communication strategy before and during the data collection period – a strategy that also benefited from us being able to access the results as they accumulated. They were a pleasure to work with, provided a high level of technical support, and I was able to present the results less than a week after the survey closed.

Judy Colin Professional Development Project Manager, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Dublin, Ireland

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I’ve been extremely impressed with your expert knowledge, hard work, attention-to-detail & diligence. You really are the SurveyGuru and our first project with you has helped us to gain a real insight into our clients’ preferences and given us a great opportunity to improve our offering.

Martin Skinner Inspired Asset Management, London, England

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