Get Better Survey Results

About to launch a survey or questionnaire?

You’ve spent all this time racking your brains putting together the survey but there are lots of things you might not have thought of that are important for getting people to answer it.

In designing and reviewing close to 1000 surveys and questionnaires since 2008 I’ve seen less than 10 that I could not have improved. That’s less than 1%.

You intend making decisions based on the results of your survey. You want those decisions to be based on sound results – on solid ground. You have big plans for getting business benefits from the results of the survey. So why risk the survey not performing when a simple quick review could identify any problems and suggest improvements?

I’ll review your survey for you – and within 2 working days I’ll email you a detailed list – including screenshots where appropriate, of the changes you need to make.

And there’s more. If you revise your survey in response to my feedback, I’ll re-review – at no extra cost. In other words, I’ll gladly keep looking at your survey until I see no further issues with it.

But that’s not all. I’ll also take all the risk. If you don’t agree that my suggestions improve your survey/questionnaire I will gladly refund 100% of your money – no questions asked. Can’t be fairer than that now can I?

So email me the link to your survey or the document for your questionnaire. I’ll get back to you quickly to tell you whether I’ll be able to improve the survey. We’ll also then agree payment and take it from there!