Making Life Easy For Customers

This past week or so, as I log into Skype, it’s asking me if I want to upgrade. That’s it – not one iota of context is given! There’s no detail on security concerns that the new version might address. Neither is there any mention of additional benefits that might accrue from the upgrade. But I thought this morning that I might as well upgrade because I love Skype and expect to be using it for years to come. So I clicked through an initial screen and was then presented with a message saying : “Fur future updates, Skype may automatically install the latest version to your computer without you having to do anything”. I looked around for an option to decline such automatic updates but there was none. Now I’d expect the new version, once installed, to perhaps have an option within it to de-select automatic updates. But that’s beside the point. Skype’s customer service here is lacking on a number of fronts – they’re taking too much control from their customers and failing to look at things from the perspective of their customer. Are you ever guilty of this with your customers? Would you even know if you were? Your company will benefit from listening to the voice of your customer and, where feasible, from trying to make their life easier. And perhaps the first step along that road is genuine curiosity on your part!

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