As things settle down…

Is your organisation settling down into a new “normal” where people are doing some (or lots of) remote working?

It’s very different isn’t it?

And maybe it has been a bit chaotic, e.g., people using their own laptops and trying to carve out some space and quiet in a home that’s not used to them working there.

But life has gone on.

And perhaps now it’s time to reassess things and think beyond the immediate. It’s time to consider what your organisation needs so that your people can perform well in a sustainable way in their new environment.

You’ll probably have some ideas yourself. Maybe your employees need encrypted company laptops to address data privacy concerns. Or proper office chairs for back support. Or furniture for a more ergonomic working environment.

But you won’t have all the ideas. And that’s because you don’t walk in their shoes. You need to get their perspective.

What are the obstacles preventing them from getting things done?

What wastes their time?

Are they clear on what their goals are and how those goals align with the organisation’s goals?

You can’t read their minds. So how about asking them what they need to be more engaged & productive?

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