Plug The Leaks

Last Sunday Kilkenny won the All-Ireland Hurling Final by defeating Galway.  (If you don’t know what hurling is here’s a wonderful video introduction.)  The match was a replay – the original game having been drawn in a gripping encounter three weeks previously.


The replay had been eagerly awaited – the majority of pundits leaning slightly towards Kilkenny but also expecting a very strong performance from Galway.  One area of particular interest was the Kilkenny forwards – in hurling there are six forwards.  They had underperformed in the drawn game with only one of them – Henry Shefflin – excelling.  The Kilkenny manager dropped two of the six forwards for the final – replacing them with two young players – one making his championship debut.


In the replay all six Kilkenny forwards played brilliantly.  Nicky English – himself a successful hurling player and manager – said of the Kilkenny manager Brian Cody – “He found where the leaks were and he plugged them”.


Do you know where the “leaks” are in your business?  How good are you at continuously monitoring?  When you detect leaks do you take decisive action quickly to fix them?  What do you need to change in order to improve your performance?


Problems in any sphere, in sport or in business for example, don’t resolve themselves in a vacuum.  Action is needed.  And that action needs to be based on a realistic view of the situation.  I can help you identify the leaks.  Get in touch if this interests you.


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