A very quick question about what you do most days

Do you get a chance most days to do what you do best?

If “yes” – great.

If “no” – what are the reasons? The obstacles?

And the question is also important for your team. All of them. No matter what their role.


Rest assured this isn’t lovey-dovey, indulgent, woo-woo stuff.

No – the reason is very pragmatic: there is a tight correlation between people in a business answering “yes” to that question and that business’ bottom line.

And how do you get your team ever closer to answering “yes”? You work to engage them more. And how do you do that? Here are some pointers:

• Remove the obstacles preventing them from getting things done.

• Put them in roles that play to their unique strengths.

• Give them clear objectives.

• Provide them with the tools they need.

• Freely give them autonomy on how best to reach those objectives

And how do you know what changes to make to achieve this? One way is to carry out an employee engagement survey. But do it sincerely. Carrying out a survey to tick the box rather than trying to drive positive change will likely be counter-productive as it will disappoint people and invite cynicism.

For more on the importance of employee engagement go here.

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PS: And the question I posed above? It’s from a great book called “First, Break All the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

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