In a 1991 film “The Doctor” William Hurt played the main role – portraying a doctor whose manner towards patients left a lot to be desired! His attitude began to change however when he was diagnosed with cancer and himself became a patient. This different perspective showed him just how badly many in the medical [...]

Do you get a chance most days to do what you do best? If “yes” – great. If “no” – what are the reasons? The obstacles? And the question is also important for your team. All of them. No matter what their role. Why? Rest assured this isn’t lovey-dovey, indulgent, woo-woo stuff. No – the [...]

There’s a guy I’m connected with on twitter. I follow him because he knows more about sales than I do and he asks great questions that get me thinking. I’m not sure why he follows me! Anyway, recently he posed this question: Is it necessary for you to respond to your clients after hours or [...]

Getting out of the ivory tower

These days most of us don’t just have a single career. We have a sequence of them – most people having at least 2. Or we might be involved in more than one business at a time. In a past life I was a manager with a team that developed software products. The products we [...]

You ask someone something. And they give you an answer that baffles you. And you wonder how the hell they came up with an answer to a question you didn’t ask. So you ask yourself if they’re maybe a bit “slow”. Or maybe deliberately trying to be awkward. But maybe there’s an alternative explanation? Check [...]

What book(s) are you reading at the moment? Or, given the technologies available to us now, what book(s) are you listening to at the moment? The best one I’ve read (for work) in a while is “High-Profit Prospecting” by Mark Hunter. In one of his stories he was consulting with a bank. And he put [...]

One day last week I went into two different banks with my son. Typically I manage to avoid visiting banks but on this occasion we were putting the wheels in motion on opening an account for him. Into the first bank we go. There were two cashiers and one enquiries desk. There were no members [...]

Age is just a number?

You know those survey questions that ask your age? Over the years have you noticed how your answer is moving inexorably from the younger categories upwards? If so, you might like this question that appeared on my screen earlier this week:   I was delighted – I was in the lower half :-). Believe it [...]

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