Alex Ferguson: how to achieve and maintain business success

I’m a big football fan and I’ve just finished a book celebrating Alex Ferguson’s “25 Years At The Top”.  You may know about Ferguson but, if you don’t, he’s widely regarded as the most successful football manager ever.


I reckon though that his approach to the management of Manchester United contains lessons that can easily be applied to business.


One quote in particular caught my attention : “As manager, it is my job to cut through the emotion and disappointment to reach honest conclusions on which to base our planning and strategy for the future.  I have to analyse what went wrong and what we got right.  I must focus on getting everything into perspective so that we can make the right decisions going forward.  Naturally I must not fall into the trap of making excuses for any shortcomings”.


Let’s look a little closer at this:


When looking at what has happened he detaches himself from the emotion.


He examines what has happened under a bright light – no hiding.


He looks for the positives (so as to reinforce them) and the negatives (so as to take remedial action).


He intentionally seeks the big picture so as to inform his decision-making.


And he avoids self-righteousness.


If you want help looking at your business in this way to see how to drive it forward get in touch!


PS : I’ll post the results of the President Obama vox pop later today!


PPS : I’m not a Man United fan and still thought the book was good :-).


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