What People Are Saying…

Brendan from SurveyGuru designed a unique questionnaire for our company in view of getting feedback from the parents of the children who attended our summer camps. Brendan collected and displayed the results in an easy to use format. The feedback and analysis has provided us with invaluable information which will enhance our programmes going forward. We will definitely be working with Brendan again next summer.

Eileen Sheehy Let’s Go!, Cork, Ireland

When Beat was planning on making some important programming changes, we wanted to first carry out some focus group sessions across the five counties of the South East. The project went to tender and Brendan Cullen from SurveyGuru successfully secured the work based on his detailed, relevant pitch which was also cost competitive. From the outset, Brendan was thorough in finding out what exactly we required from the research and he then clearly outlined how he envisaged the project panning out. He went to great lengths to ensure he delivered on our expectations and provided regular detailed reports from which I still refer and it’s now months later! If Beat requires work of this nature again in the near future, I will be giving Brendan a call! Also, when others ask me what research company have I used in the past, SurveyGuru is first on my recommendation list.

Gabrielle Cummins CEO/Programme Controller, Beat 102-103, Waterford, Ireland

The Board recently used SurveyGuru to conduct research into the establishment of a network and found the service to be excellent. Brendan’s keen attention to detail resulted in adding value to our research.

Catherine Hennessy Kilkenny County Enterprise Board, Kilkenny, Ireland

As Principal of Gaelscoil Osraí, one of the country’s biggest Irish language primary schools, we had administered a survey of parents and senior pupils as part of our research into literacy approaches in our school. Brendan and SurveyGuru took our questionnaires, analysed them in detail and presented me and our Board of Management and staff with a comprehensive report on its findings quickly and in full consultation with us. I would highly recommend their services and will use them again in the future.

Seán Ó hArgáin Gaelscoil Osraí, Kilkenny, Ireland

Amnesty International Ireland required a multi-year activism strategy. The research aspect of developing the strategy required an extensive degree of consultation with Amnesty Ireland membership. Brendan Cullen of SurveyGuru helped design and deliver a survey that helped us reach out to the various consitiuencies within our membership and his analysis directly contributed to the delivery of a strong and viable strategy that will help shape how we work to deliver human rights results over the next 3 years.

Kieran Clifford Amnesty International Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

A dependable, insightful and consummate professional with an eye for detail. He specialises in helping others to better sense and respond to their various constituencies and markets; in a nutshell, he helps organisations to in turn, better serve their clients or customers. Can do the whole turnkey: give him the problem; let him help you engage your audience; then he helps construct the answer. More than surveying – I’d call it intelligent sensing

David Hood MyMarketingLife, Edinburgh, Scotland

Good communication with members, within a large urban GAA club, is vitally important to ensure the club is run smoothly and efficiently with the interests of club members always at heart. Our GAA club successfully used SurveyGuru to gather the thoughts/ideas and suggestions of our members re : the internal refurbishment of our club house. We wanted to make sure our members had an opportunity, in an efficient manner, to give their valued opinions & suggestions. We found Brendan Cullen very thorough & comprehensive throughout the design, implementation & analysis of our members online survey. The results of the survey have greatly helped in finalising our proposed refurbishment works. We believe online surveys have a huge role to play in improving GAA club communication going forward.

Pat Moylan Secretary,Dicksboro GAA Club, Kilkenny, Ireland

I’ve been extremely impressed with your expert knowledge, hard work, attention-to-detail & diligence. You really are the SurveyGuru and our first project with you has helped us to gain a real insight into our clients’ preferences and given us a great opportunity to improve our offering.

Martin Skinner Inspired Asset Management, London, England

We used SurveyGuru to carry out research for a story which we were running in the newspaper on headshops. As a local paper, we were eager to have our own primary research from Kilkenny people. We wanted to know the opinions of the people on the street and we needed to be sure that the information was correct and reliable for use in a story. SurveyGuru was extremely helpful in compiling appropriate questions that would result in interesting and informative answers. They then compiled the answers and extracted the information putting it together in simple to read graph form. They provided an excellent service to the Kilkenny Advertiser and we would certainly use them again for future stories requiring primary research techniques.

Naoise Coogan Editor, Kilkenny Advertiser, Kilkenny, Ireland

Brendan worked for us as a consultant on a research project and provided insight and support that was invaluable. His excellent manner and keen attention to detail resulted in adding value to our project and was pivotal to it’s success. I would recommend SurveyGuru happily!

Rosemary Ward SEBIC, Waterford, Ireland

We recently held a training day for our mentors – specialists in various fields who advise our clients. The goal of the training day was to improve the mentoring process for mentors and clients. Prior to the training day, we commissioned SurveyGuru to carry out online surveys of both mentors and clients – to find out what both groups were looking for. After carrying out the surveys, SurveyGuru analysed the data, interpreted the results, and presented us with a clear list of prioritised recommendations that we used in planning the training and which we’ll continue to use over time to maximise the benefit of mentoring to our clients.

Evelyn Reddin Laois County Enterprise Board, Ireland

We used SurveyGuru to help us with our annual employment survey. This is a survey we carry out every year with our clients to tell us how many jobs our clients currently have in place. We typically conduct this survey by phone. With the help of Survey Guru we were able to take this survey online. This action saved us money by reducing the amount of phone calls we needed to make to find out this simple information. We found SurveyGuru very helpful in this process, very good value for money, and they also showed good initiative in expanding the survey to find out more information about our client base. I would have no hesitation in recommending SurveyGuru to help you with your surveys.

Tom Banville Wexford County Enterprise Board, Ireland

I have no hesitation in recommending SurveyGuru. I found the service to be fast, efficient and highly personalised. They took a proactive approach to ensuring that the process was of very high quality. All in all, an excellent service.

Siobhan O’Dwyer Brand Director, Threesixty, Kilkenny, Ireland

Thanks a million for all this work. I am very happy with it and it directly meets the proposal outline. I really appreciate how you went out of your way to make this work at a cost that we could manage. You work in a really professional manner and it was great to work with you on this.

Siobhan Curran Social Researcher, Dublin, Ireland

We just had a rough idea of what we wanted to ask our client base – why weren’t those who had taken a beginners course not interested in an intermediate course. SurveyGuru took that idea, designed a survey around it, and got us the answers we needed. It was great how flexible & responsive they were throughout the project. We’d recommend SurveyGuru for any small business needing help with market research.

Des Keaney Deep Blue Sea Kayaking, Wicklow, Ireland

As a postgraduate student undertaking a research project for a master’s degree programme, I availed of the services of SurveyGuru to enable deployment of an electronic questionnaire to a professional body sub-group. This data collection method was facilitated by SurveyGuru with full compliance from them on ethical issues of confidentiality, data protection, password access and final data destruction. I totally endorse the use of this service for students wishing to engage in electronic data collection as SurveyGuru enables the management of a survey in a timely, professional, accessible and responsible manner.

Martina Ryan Physiotherapy Manager, St. John’s Hospital, Limerick, Ireland

We needed to find out why many Amnesty International members provide financial support but are not active in our local group. SurveyGuru helped us to identify the questions we needed to ask of local non-active members. They were there every step of the way – from survey design right through to presenting the results to us. They were extremely responsive and supportive at every stage. Now, based on the survey results, we can develop a clear plan of how to engage new or inactive members. The bonus is that as well as knowing what members want from the local group we have identified individuals who will hopefully increase our active group membership by 50%!

Amnesty International Group Kilkenny, Ireland

I give SurveyGuru and Brendan Cullen my highest recommendation. Their rates are fair and they can be counted on for those mission critical projects – in short SurveyGuru deliver from start to finish. I’d encourage any prospective SurveyGuru client to contact me directly if they are seeking more feedback regarding my experience working with Brendan and SurveyGuru.

Dave Baggenstos InfoSoft Research, Bellingham, Washington, USA

SurveyGuru recently assisted with the design & deployment of a large survey for us and also carried out an analysis of the data collected. Despite the breadth and depth of the survey objectives, we exceeded our target response rate. I believe this was largely attributable to the expert guidance of SurveyGuru. They advised us on our communication strategy before and during the data collection period – a strategy that also benefited from us being able to access the results as they accumulated. They were a pleasure to work with, provided a high level of technical support, and I was able to present the results less than a week after the survey closed.

Judy Colin Professional Development Project Manager, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Dublin, Ireland

We recently used SurveyGuru for a major seminar and found the service to be excellent. The feedback given was timely, accurate and cost effective.

Kieran Comerford Carlow County Enterprise Board, Carlow, Ireland