An American President and the Irish soccer team


Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.


So said Calvin Coolidge – 30th President of the US.  He was in office nearly a century ago – 1923-1929 – but what he said is timeless.


A few weeks ago Ireland played Germany – the worthy World Cup Champions this past summer in Brazil.


So here’s the scene : After the regulation 90 minutes we are losing 1:0.  4 minutes of added time are announced.


The team is wrecked physically and mentally after 90 minutes of trying to counter a superior force.


“Believe” I’m shouting at the television as my son beside me thinks (once again) that his Dad is losing it.


The minutes tick by.  After 27 seconds of that final 4th minute of additional time Ireland pile forward and score an equalising goal of the highest quality – a superbly cushioned volleyed pass from young Jeff Hendrick to John O’Shea who, having assumed the captain’s armband, scores just his 3rd international goal on the night he earns his 100th cap.


The goal – and the manner of its achievement – lifted the country.  And it would probably have caused the reserved and quiet Coolidge to perhaps smile and knowingly nod his head.


The team’s persistence was magnificent – and proof of what is possible – even against the odds – when you put your shoulder against the wheel.  So take heart – similar persistence won’t guarantee you business success.  But with it you’re on the right road.


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