An impressive upward spiral


Have you heard of Mount Juliet?


It’s a golf course here in Kilkenny.  And I’ve been there a number of times – never to play golf – but to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Back in August  I was on my way there to meet my accountant for a cuppa.  I thought I was taking my normal route but for some unfathomable reason I took the wrong road.


Mortifying for me to admit – I pride myself on my nose – but there you have it.  I messed up.  No excuses.  We all mess up.  The world is divided into 2 types of people – there are those who mess up & admit it – and there are liars!


The effect?  I was just over 30 minutes late.  Correspondingly, I wasted time.  And I thought I wasted my accountant’s time.  But, thankfully, I didn’t.  Let me explain.


He has reached a point in his business where he now needs his clients less than they need him.  So he isn’t chasing his tail for 168 hours a week saying “yes” to any price-buyer with a pulse and a bank account.  He’s judicious in selecting who he wants to work with.  And he is finding clients he wants to work with.


So on that sunny Monday morning, while waiting for me to arrive, he sat outside, skimmed the newspaper and then used the remaining time to make changes to his LinkedIn profile – changes intended to better position him to attract the sort of clients he wants.


So a question for you: what can you change about the picture you present to the world that will make you more appealing to your target market?


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