An offer to grow your revenue


I typically tell you a story in these posts.


The recent feedback has been interesting.  To give you a flavour:


  • Seán said he had noticed a distinct lack of so-called “calls to action”.
  • Mary wondered what I was selling as she thought what I was writing was, though interesting, rhetorical “social commentary”.
  • Jimmy says the posts are very good – but don’t relate to what I sell.


So I’ve been making a mistake.  I’ve been guilty of telling and not selling.  So today let me do something a little different and describe something I sell.


A quick bit of background: You’re probably doing a decent job on holding down costs.  So if you want to start making a profit – or make a bigger profit – you need to grow the top-line – your revenue.


One of the “things” I sell is to help businesses grow their revenue.


That’s an obvious benefit to you.  But it’s also a bit vague.  There’s probably a gazillion people out there telling you they can increase your revenue.  So let me get more specific.


I help you increase your revenue by helping you to make your customers more satisfied with you.


This increases your revenue because, like I said yesterday in an email to my list:


The higher the satisfaction level your customers feel, the more they’ll buy from you, the more they’ll refer others to you, and the more they’ll recommend you.


How do I do this?


There are two stages.


First, I find out for you:


  • What to do more of
  • What to do less of
  • What to stop doing
  • What to change


So that’s the diagnosis.  But diagnosis without action is useless.  You then need to make the changes!


Second : If you wish, I can then also work with you to ensure you implement the changes.  Implementation is key!


So here’s the call to action :


  • I’ll give upwards of an hour of my time free to the first 5 of you who contact me about this particular service.  You need to do this by 5pm (Irish time) this Friday 18th.
  • During that hour you can ask me anything you want to help you decide if you want to work with me to make your customers more satisfied.
  • And, if you decide by Friday April 25th to do business, I’ll give you an early-bird discount of 20%.


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