Answering the question “Are you busy?”


You’ve undoubtedly been asked “Are you busy?” countless times.


There are the colleagues in your business asking you.  There are friends.  And then there are people in your business circle – suppliers, peers, clients, etc.


When it’s colleagues in your business they’re typically looking for your attention for something that’s on their agenda.


With others it’s often just making casual chat – like commenting on the weather the way Irish people do all the time.


Perhaps for some they’re actually wondering how your sales are.


But let’s just take the question at face value:


Are you busy?


Of course you are.  You’re working.  Or you should be :-).


Maybe one day you’ll reach the extraordinary heights of being able to work less than full-time while having a fulfilling and lucrative business.


But you’re not there yet.


So yes – for now you’re busy.


And you might even be productive – though beware confusing activity with achievement.  We all do it.  We all sometimes work and achieve nothing of importance.


So our goal should not be to be less busy.  Our goal should be to be relentlessly effective in how we deploy our limited resources.


There’ll always be too much that needs to be done.  Get used to that.  If you can’t handle that then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business.


The trick is to be comfortable with what you choose not to do.  And to get that comfort requires you to be aware of all that needs to be done.  Only with that awareness can you be at peace with what you’ve chosen to do – a peace that comes from you knowing that you’ve first eliminated all the unknown unknowns and secondly the known unknowns.  More on that in another post.



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