Asking for advice and then ignoring it

Today my son happened to be with me when the post arrived.  One of the pieces was a monthly bulletin I get on marketing – from someone who refers to himself as the Evil Bald Genius.


The envelope itself was a good example of direct marketing – it had a real stamp, it used a personal-type font, it had a return address that wasn’t a company, it had a caricature of the Evil Bald Genius (EBG) and it said “your awesome newsletter is inside”.  All these elements helped get it delivered, into the hands of its intended recipient – that would be moi – and opened.


My naturally curious son Seán asked me “What is it about?”  I said it contains advice that helps me in my business.  Seán, in his wisdom, then said “Do you take it?”


Now that provoked a couple of reactions.


Firstly I smiled proudly.  Seán wasn’t rolling his eyes and being a smartass.  He’s all of 8  years old – and was simply asking a straightforward question – a very wise question.


Secondly I took a moment to ask myself honestly if indeed I take the EBG’s advice and act on it.


Now I’m guessing that all of us have received unsolicited advice in life – and it’s one of my own pet peeves.  But when I willingly pay someone for advice, get it, agree with it and then fail to act on it – what does that make me?  There are a number of adjectives that could be used – and “fool” would be among them!


I advise my own clients.  They pay me to make informed recommendations to them on what they need to do in order to improve their businesses – or their organisations if they’re a non-profit.


Are you paying anyone for advice?  Are you acting on that advice?  And, if not, what word would you use to describe your inaction?


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And by the way, if you want advice on marketing, – check out the EBG’s marketing mastermind group that I’m a member of.  I recommend it – though not if you’re faint of heart!


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