Benefits of not neglecting your business

Last Friday my son and I drove by a hotel here in Kilkenny.  We were looking for a hot chocolate for him.  There were three flagpoles outside the hotel – for the European Union, Kilkenny & Ireland.  The Irish flag had fallen to the very bottom of its flagpole and was lying on the ground.  And the other 2 flags were visibly frayed around the edges.


The overall impression was one of neglect.  And being Irish I was also upset at seeing our flag treated that way.


We went elsewhere for the hot chocolate.


Is your business exhibiting any signs of neglect?  Are your customers getting the level of service that they expect?  Are you providing them with the range of products and/or services that they’re looking for?


Go to the other side of the counter (literally and/or figuratively) and take a look in at your business.


One good way to do this is to ask your customers.  And if you’re worried about them being guilty of idle flattery give them an anonymous means of providing their feedback.


What’s the worst that can happen?  Maybe embarrassment.


What’s the best that can happen?  Increased sales from customers who view you more favourably.


I drove by the same hotel this evening – 3 days later.  Surely the situation had been rectified?


Nope!  There had been no change in the flag situation.


If you want to avoid losing sales get in touch to see how I can help you see your business as your customers (and prospective customers) do.  Interviews, online surveys, questionnaires & focus groups are among the tools I can use to help you.


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