Are Your Easily Contactable?

Today one of my admin tasks was switching mobile phones.  It was one of those pain in the a** jobs – but not too mentally taxing!


Anyway, at one point as part of that process I needed to email my mobile service provider – by filling in one of those “contact form” thingees on their website.


I hate using those contact forms – the only reason I did so was because there’s no actual customer care email address to email with a normal email client.


Well – perhaps there was such an address but it was too well hidden for me to find!


Anyway – I filled in the form and awaited a response.  Fair play to them – the response came within an hour or so.  However – I had a follow-on query.  And I was about to click reply when I noticed the email address it had came from –




Now I can guess why they’re doing this.  They’re probably steering people to contact them via the contact form because it makes things easier for them at their end.  E.g., maybe the “choose a topic” option on their form helps their filtering.


However, who should they be looking to make things easier for?  Themselves?  Or their customer?  Now ideally the answer is both.  But, if faced with a choice?


Is it easy for your customers to get in touch with you?  Of course if you’re a powerful enough company then you may be able to get away with putting barriers in the way of easy contact.


But what if you’re difficult to get in touch with and you don’t know it?


Maybe it could be a good idea to ask your customers how they feel about your accessibility!


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