Get better at it by doing more of it!

Happy New Year!


I’m not really one for making resolutions – but this year I’ve made one.  Let me tell you why.


I was out for a 5km run Monday 30th – working off some of the Christmas excesses.  I hadn’t weighed myself before deciding to go running – I just felt like a lump of lard.


Anyway – I was going very slowly uphill on a local road that has roundabouts every half mile or so when 3 women came running in the opposite direction.  I took a quick glance at them – they looked like they were in their 30s and they were animatedly chatting away to each other.  It also registered with me that they were going faster than me – though they were running downhill.


Some time later I heard the rhythmic sound of feet behind me.  Lo and behold – the same 3 women passed me by – running uphill this time – and still well able to talk to each other and not be consumed by sheer survival!  I guess they had turned around at a roundabout and were heading for home.  They were lost to sight a while later when they rounded a curve in the road.


I got to thinking.  Granted – they were younger than me.  But that didn’t explain the speed difference – at least not all of it.  So what other factors were there?


The conclusion was unavoidable.  They were faster runners than me because they were doing it more often.  They were better runners than me because they were doing it more often.


I know all the theory about the benefits of physical exercise, fresh air, the company of like-minded people, etc.  But guess when my last run had been?  A slow 10km in early October!  I had let 12 weeks elapse without going for a single run.  No excuses.  KNOWING what to do is useless unless you then DO IT.  Implementation is key.


So – what to do?  I’ve resolved to run at least 5km at least once a week in 2014.  The only excuses I’ll give myself to not do so will be family emergencies and injuries.  There – I’ve said it.  And you know it.  And I’ll now be embarrassed if I don’t do it.


Maybe there’s a lesson there for you in your business.  I bet there’s something worthwhile that you can improve at simply by doing it more.  What is it?  And what will you eliminate or do less of in order to free up the required time?


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