If lots of people are irritated…

One of LinkedIn’s changes over the past year has been the introduction of endorsements.  If you’ve encountered pop-up suggestions of whom you could endorse and for what, then you’ll know what I mean.  And you’ll also know how easy it is to give these endorsements.


Opinions differ on this – but I do know that some people find the feature very irritating.  They feel that the value and credibility of endorsements is low because the endorsements are being given too freely by people.


For example, if you’ve been endorsed by someone who cannot vouch for your expertise in the endorsed area then you may be concerned at the validity of the endorsements.


What I find very interesting is that there are discussions happening on LinkedIn itself where people are expressing such criticisms and frustrations.  For example Trudy Arthurs (www.dancingleopards.com) recently said, “I wonder if Linkedin are aware of the level of irritation this fast-becoming-meaningless pop-up is causing? If so, and if they are into listening to what their customers are saying – I look forward to the removal of this useless irritation.”


Whatever your own opinion of the endorsements, I have more general questions to pose to you about your own business :


Do you know whether your customers are talking to each other about your offering?


Is there a vocal minority of them complaining about something?


Can you hear or read what is being said?


Do you engage with them on the issues raised?


If you’ve answered “no” to that last question I’d be curious as to the reason.  Is it that the complaining customers are of little importance?  Is it that you simply disagree with them?  Or could it be that you just want them to go away?


If you sense that this is an area to which you might need to give more attention then get in touch and we’ll take it from there.


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