Ireland Can Beat Sweden

In your business what do you do when you have a failure? Do you recognise it as such? Or do you make excuses?


If you do recognise it as such, do you diagnose what it is that you did wrong?


If you do diagnose what you did wrong do you plan to remedy whatever is within your control?


And do you follow through on those remedial plans?


All of us can and should be able to answer YES to those 4 questions.


We (Ireland) have our work cut out this evening to get a result in an important Soccer World Cup qualifier in Stockholm against Sweden – a Swedish team including Zlatan Ibrahimović – one of the world’s top strikers.


Are we the stronger team? No.


So – should we just roll over and surrender? No.


Can we win? Yes.


Should we aim to win? Absolutely.


One thing is sure – we have zero chance of winning unless our attitude is right. So I was disappointed this week to read one of our players – Sean St. Ledger – making excuses for why we were beaten in the Euros last summer by Spain. Ok – Spain are a wonderful team. But so what? Is that any consolation? It shouldn’t be. Particularly as we played badly against them. Our sharpness was lacking. We sat back too much and invited them on. Our marking was woeful – in particular for Cesc Fabregas’ 4th goal.


So – you may have significant challenges in your business – challenges that are intimidating and which you’re tempted to hide from. But you can face those challenges – and focus your efforts on those areas where you do have control – like maybe assigning someone to man-mark Zlatan like a leech for 90 minutes!


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