No Customer Complaints But…

Recently I was working with a client who sells a high-value product to consumers and we were reviewing the state of his business.  The review included a look at customer satisfaction – as he seemingly “got” the importance of satisfied customers.


When I probed this with him he told me proudly that it had been 2 years since they had received a complaint.  It wasn’t said smugly – just in a pleased and self-satisfied way.  He took it as an affirmation – and to a degree he was right.


But guess what?  When I probed some more it became apparent that, besides having a small amount of anecdotal feedback, he was unable to answer any of the following questions:


  • What do his customers appreciate about what his company does?
  • In the eyes of his customers, what distinguishes his company from its competitors?
  • Why is he losing customers?
  • What is he doing badly that he could improve upon?
  • Is there anything he’s failing to offer his customers that they are looking for from him?
  • Might his customers be interested in the other products and services that he offers?


So – why was he flying blind?  Simple.  He hadn’t asked the questions!  In the eyes of his customers he was actually guilty of perceived indifference!


And guess what that does?  Yep – it loses you customers!


So you know those customers of yours?  Avoid making them think you’re indifferent to them!  Get in touch if you feel you may need help in this area.


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