Learning (hopefully) never stops


Recently I did a survey on a primary school’s music programme.


Well it was actually 3 distinct questionnaires – one for the pupils, a second for the teachers and a third for the parents.


Now if you’re like most readers of my blog then you’re an entrepreneur – working to drive your business forward.  And you may be wondering how might a school survey be relevant to you.


Let me explain.


After all the answers had been collected and inputted into a spreadsheet, I was analysing the results.  And the answers from parents to one particular question caught my attention.


It was a question probing why some parents do not play any musical instruments themselves.  It was a “tick a box” type question – where parents could select options such as lack of time, lack of interest, etc.  But they could also specify other reasons.  And the word that kept cropping up was “opportunity” – more precisely – the lack thereof.


They were looking back at their childhood and pointing out how the opportunity to learn never presented itself.  Entirely understandable.  Entirely legitimate.  But also entirely historical.


But what about now?  The question they were asked was about why they do not play now.


Have you all the expertise you need to run your business as well as possible?  Delegating, outsourcing and recruiting can all help fill gaps in expertise.  But, notwithstanding that, is there stuff that you personally should learn?


If your answer is yes then I’ll ask you the question I felt like asking some of those parents: Why not now?  You’re not a prisoner of what happened (or didn’t happen) when you were a child.


By the way, Irish schools are required by our Government to assess themselves.  That’s where the impetus for that music survey came from.  Details on the service I provide to schools to help with this are School Self-Evaluation.


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