Lukewarm chips and dried-out sausages

We were in a hotel yesterday for lunch – breaking the journey for the kids on a long road-trip to visit my wife’s Aunt. It was shortly after noon – and the carvery lunch had just opened. In typical fashion our two boys chose sausages and chips which were quickly served up. While I waited for my wife’s and my own meals to arrive, I stole a couple of chips off the boys’ plates. I expected to have to hold them between my teeth to gauge temperature – but they were lukewarm. Back at our table a few minutes later, when my son generously offered me a piece of one of his sausages, I discovered that the sausage was too dry and not hot enough. On one hand I was an irritated customer. But on another hand though I found myself thinking of the hotel – very quiet on what should have been a busy bank holiday Monday and geographically positioned in an area of Ireland that is struggling economically. Hotels like that can ill-afford dissatisfied customers.

So – how are your “sausages and chips”? Are they hot enough? Juicy enough? Fresh enough? Cared for enough? Your customers know the answers to these questions. And they are telling others. Do you know the answers? Because if you cannot answer these questions you are missing a lot of feedback – a tremendous amount of information that is losing you money, referrals and potential clients.

I can show you how you can not only gather this information easily but also apply it to your business to save you time, make you money and bring in clients. So get in touch and let’s find out what you’re missing!

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