No shirking!

I support Leeds United Football Club. They’re having a mediocre season – currently languishing in 12th position in England’s second tier Championship – 8 points adrift of the playoff positions. In February they fired their manager Simon Grayson when they were in 10th position – 3 points adrift of the playoffs. You can do the maths – their position has deteriorated under their new manager Neil Warnock. So – what’s Warnock’s reaction? Humility? Accepting a degree of responsibility? Resolve? Not quite – after a recent defeat he said : “It showed why I got the job. A major overhaul is needed…”.

He comes in, fails to improve the situation, actually oversees a deterioration, and then lapses into self-justification. He may think he can’t lose. If he improves things he can pat himself on the back. If things go downhill he can fault the previous incumbent or the environment or his inability to recruit or lack of belief among his players or …

Could it be the same for some business-owners? Circumstances are definitely challenging – and many good business people are doing their best but are still struggling. But there is always one thing you can control – and that’s your attitude. It’s up to us to take responsibility. Are you taking a good hard look at the mirror? What can you do better? Can you deliver better customer service? Can you get more out of your employees? Can you improve your own effectiveness? Get in touch and let’s see what we can do!

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