Make Life Easy For Your Customers

I get too many emails. Now most days I do empty my in-tray – but I only manage to do that because I’m filing the emails in a series of sub-folders. And to be honest there are some sub-folders, e.g., the “to be read” one, that I hardly ever look in.


Last week, rather than just continue to let the number of archived emails increase, I decided to stem the tide – to reduce the number I receive.


So I started clicking unsubscribe buttons. So far it has been fairly simple – usually a one-click operation – though on one occasion I needed to email one company asking to be removed because they didn’t have an unsubscribe link.


But there was one that really took the biscuit : the footer in their email said that it was necessary to login in order to adjust email preferences.  So I tried to log in – only to be presented with the following:


I was unable to log in because my account had “been locked as a security precaution”.  And I was told I could reactivate my account by clicking on a “reset password link” that was nowhere to be seen!


Eventually I got things sorted.  But that’s the point – eventually is too late!  That company made it difficult for me to unsubscribe – firstly through their process and secondly through some performance issue at their end.


Do you make life difficult for your customers?


If the answer is “yes” then fix it.


If the answer is “no” make sure you’re saying “no” because you know it rather than because you hope it.


And if you don’t know the answer, or if you’re unsure, ask your customers!  I can help you with that if you want help – just get in touch and we can talk more.


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