Memorials, Fireplaces and how to leverage


A few days ago I drove into Wexford Town. It was a lovely morning and it was refreshing to see the sea and smell the sea air before heading in the door of a hotel for a long meeting. I love living in Kilkenny but it would be great if it was just a bit closer to the sea… You can’t have everything in life though!


Anyway, as I was driving along the seafront the name of a business caught my eye – it was something like “Memorials and Fireplaces”. Interesting combination eh? Gravestones and fireplaces. But the two have at least two things in common – stone and carving.


The business could have just sold gravestones. Or stone fireplaces. But it sells both.


Now of course there are obvious differences. The two products go to two very different markets. And the marketing of the two products also needs to be very different.


But the two have much in common. Most obviously the raw materials and also the carving skills. Also, the market for gravestones is steady. Think about it! In contrast fireplace sales can be seasonal and they’re often considered a discretionary spend.


So take a look at your own business. Not the business development. Not the management. Not even the end product or service you provide. But the core of what you do. Now – what else could you do with that core? Now you’re leveraging!


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