Outstanding customer service – again!


I told a story nearly two years ago about outstanding customer service by Everton – a soccer team in England’s Premiership.  Well they’ve done it again.


If you’re in Ireland or the UK you’ll have been battered this week by a storm.  The storm damaged buildings in the vicinity of Everton’s ground – Goodison Park – forcing the cancellation of a match they were due to have played on Wednesday night.


Doubtless that cancellation inconvenienced many people.  But maybe none more so than a man called Richard Wee.  Richard has been a fan of Everton for over 30 years.  Nothing unusual there you might say.


But he just happens to be from Malaysia – and had flown from Malaysia specifically to see this game – having never seen his beloved Everton live before.  Those of you with a head for geography will have a good sense of what his trip must have entailed!


Like most people he had no chance to react – the cancellation only came about an hour before the game started.


He tweeted graciously that the “match called off due to bad weather. Dream to watch EFC play will continue to be on hold“.


But here’s how Everton reacted:


They tracked him down using social media.


He was brought that night to meet the manager and one of the team’s biggest stars.


And yesterday he was brought on a tour of the stadium by one of the team’s all-time greats.




Everton are coming out of this looking good – because they’ve treated a human being well.  They can’t have known that it would become a media sensation.  They can’t know if he’ll ever be able to come back again in the future.


Maybe there’s no process that could have prompted this.  Maybe it’s just one of those things.


But somehow I doubt it…


Perhaps they simply have a culture of doing the decent thing.


Or maybe they’ve got someone tasked with monitoring social media – responsible for looking for opportunities to make positive impressions.


Whatever the explanation – one thing is plain.  Like two years ago – they’ve again focussed on one simple thing – doing the decent thing.  If you’re wondering how to deal with a customer – there’s a good litmus test for you – what’s the decent thing to do?


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