Remove Barriers to Improving Customer Satisfaction

I know this business owner.  He’s nervous of assessing how satisfied his customers are. He feels that if he asks his customers what they think – then somehow that will make things look worse. That might appear crazy – but I’ve a suspicion as to what’s really going on.


He prefers to avoid taking action! If he asks a customer what they think, and if they point out something to him that needs attention, then he might feel compelled to fix it. However, if he stays in his cocoon, and doesn’t shine the cold light of day on the issues, then he can continue on just as he has been going. He can avoid change. He can avoid the embarrassment of failing to do what his customers now explicitly expects him to do.


To me this is crazy!  Ok – there may be a short-term benefit – but the business is doomed.


Are you scared of what you might hear if you actually ask your customers what they think? Or do you see it as an opportunity? It’s all about perspective. It might be a humbling experience but try and imagine the possibilities… By asking them you get the following direct benefits :


1. You find out what you need to fix.
2. You learn about ways in which you can make improvements.
3. You learn what’s adding no value and which you can stop wasting time on.
4. You identify what you need to continue to do well.


Would that benefit your business?


The crucial thing though is to ACT on the results. Diagnosis and prescribing are necessary but insufficient. You need to go to the next step and close that gap between your thoughts and your actions.


If you’d like to see what you can learn by listening more to the voice of the customer – get in touch and let’s see if I can help you.

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