Some things shouldn’t be messed with


If you know me at all by now you’ll know that I’m regularly harping on about how we can all improve our businesses.  And one simple way of doing that is to use your alone time behind the wheel in some productive way.


Recently I was driving out of town to a meeting.  And on that particular morning I was listening to an mp3 file on improving the marketing of my business.


After a while though I felt like a break.


So I turned on the radio to Newstalk to see what they were talking about.  It was a workers’ representative complaining about the potential insolvency of their employer’s defined benefits pension plan.  Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never even been in a defined benefits pension plan.  So I wasn’t too sympathetic to begin with.  And what the guy was saying alienated me further – as he was totally refusing to discuss the case on its merits.


So I put on a CD – Mary Coughlan’s “Tired & Emotional”.  It was her first album.  It’s nearly 30 years old now.  But I think it’s just about perfect – the singing, tempo, arrangements, instrumentation….  I wouldn’t change anything about it.


And that got me to thinking.  The closer something in our business gets to perfection – the harder it becomes to improve it.  And those efforts might be best re-directed to something else in the business.


By the way, next time you’ve 4 minutes, maybe checkout Mary’s version of “Meet Me Where They Play the Blues“.


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