Take Responsibility And Help Your Business

Some of you know I support Leeds.   (We’re talking football here!)


And you may remember a post I wrote back in April talking about Neil Warnock – the Leeds manager – and his failure to take responsibility for results. The team’s problems were always someone else’s fault.


At the time Leeds were in 12th position – 8 points adrift of the playoff positions.


Fast forward 10 months and earlier today Leeds were in guess what position?


Yep 12th!


And guess how many points adrift of the playoff position?


Yep – 8 points!


Warnock also said in April that an overhaul was needed. Well he’s had that too –
only 3 of the team from April played in their most recent game last Sunday.


But does he accept responsibility?


The answer is still no.


Instead he says that as the fans “see the opportunity [of promotion to the Premiership] fading the manager has got to be the scapegoat”. So he announces that he’s a scapegoat.


And if that’s not enough he also goes on to say “with what has gone on behind the scenes over the last 12 months I think I deserve a medal”.


You may (rightly) criticise his attitude. He’s patently failing to look in the mirror.


But are you?


Are you asking how can you do better?


How can you deliver superior customer service?


How can you better engage your employees?


How can you improve your own effectiveness?


Get in touch if you’d like help asking these questions and getting answers that give you actionable insights.


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