The challenge to improve


This post was triggered by a soccer story – just like last week’s Everton story.  I need to be careful not to do that too often – don’t want to annoy those readers who’ve no interest in football!


There’s a young Belgian player playing for Chelsea.  His name is Eden Hazard.  He has improved this season compared to last.  This is shown by a bunch of metrics – not least the number of goals he has scored.


What’s the difference?  Is it the change of management and the associated change in expectations?  Is it natural maturation?


It’s definitely not talent.  He is no more naturally talented than he was last year.


Eden Hazard is now more disciplined.  That may have to do with him having been dropped earlier in the season when reporting late for training!


He is humble enough to listen.


He is intelligent enough to absorb.


And he has the good sense to implement what he learns.


Sport and business – they’ve a lot in common don’t they!


Dominic Fifield writing in the Guardian a week ago said of Hazard : “That eagerness to learn marks him out as more than merely gifted“.


A friend of mine told me this morning that he has targeted three short courses to take this year to keep himself fresh, in touch & challenged.  Great attitude!


What have you learnt in the past year?  And have you applied it?  If you can’t answer the first question – or even if you can but the answer to the second question is “no”, then you’ve work to do!


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