A vox pop as Obama’s 2nd term begins

Sometimes a change is good – so today’s blog post is a bit different. I’m guessing you know that Barack Obama will be publicly sworn into office today. As he begins his second term I thought it would be interesting to find out what you think the focus of his efforts should be and what you think that focus actually will be. I’ll feed the results back to you later this week. Ok – have your say in a quick 2-question vox pop here.


PS : For those among you interested in history this will be his fourth swearing-in ceremony. Four years ago he and the Chief Justice fluffed their lines so two goes were necessary. And yesterday he had the official swearing-in at a private (though filmed) ceremony in the White House’s Blue Room. He shares this distinction (four swearing-in ceremonies) with FDR who was elected four times.


PPS : If you want me to put together anv vox pops for you just let me know.


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