Walk in their shoes to understand them


My good wife was off in Berlin this past weekend with her sister on a well-earned 4-day break.  So things were a bit hectic for yours truly – what with 2 young kids each involved in a gazillion activities and a mother-in-law to be taken care of too.  Thankfully our eldest was around to help out.


Now some of you might think I was earning serious brownie points.


But others among you – including perhaps the working mothers – might be wondering what the big deal is – you have that sort of routine all the time!


But joking aside, the few days did give me an insight into how much my other half does get accomplished.  When we’re both around I help out a bit.  But it’s definitely just that – me helping out.  She does the majority.  And I’ve a better understanding now of what that majority entails.


The best way for me to gain that understanding was to walk in her shoes.  Not view it.  Not be academically aware of it.  Not be nagged about it.  But to DO it.


Sometimes the best way to understand someone else’s perspective might be to walk in their shoes and experience what they experience – whether that other person is a customer, employee or colleague.


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