We Can’t Ask That!

I was designing an online customer satisfaction survey recently for a client – and I had included a question asking my client’s customers how they thought my client could improve. It’s a common question to ask in such surveys. Though its form can differ, its core purpose is always the same – to learn what can be done to improve the customer’s experience.

When I design a survey I always go over it with clients to get their reaction – they may have valid suggestions to make that improve the survey. When this particular client and I were reviewing the designed survey one of their team asked for that particular question about improvement to be removed! I of course asked why – they’re paying me for my judgement and I only make changes to a survey if the change will improve the survey. (On rare occasions a client overrules me but that’s a story for another day.) Anyway their answer really surprised me – “people will think that we think that we need to improve”!

Exactly! You want customers to honestly feel that you’re open to improvement. You want them to feel listened to. You want to avoid them thinking that you’re arrogant and that you take them for granted. You want them to feel valued. In asking such a question the glass isn’t half-full. It’s 100% full. The best companies in the world are the best companies in the world partly because they keep this attitude to the forefront of their thinking. Of course customers aren’t always right. But they should always be listened to – and humbly!

Thankfully my client took this on board and the question was retained. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss finding out how you can improve.

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