What Is Your Broken Window?

Last week my wife and I went out for a meal one evening – we don’t do it too often but our daughter was heading off on a 3-week holiday and had offered to stay home that night to mind her younger brothers while she packed.

We strolled the streets of Kilkenny – a small city in the South East of Ireland where we live – wondering what restaurant we’d go to. Fortunately one of the benefits of a recession is that there is no need to make reservations mid-week! Anyway, we stopped outside one restaurant and looked at the menu. It was badly faded under its perspex cover. And because of that one thing we moved on – and the restaurant lost a potential sale.

First impressions count. It’s like how a single broken window in a building indicates to its viewers or inhabitants that it is being neglected. And neglect can cause a downward spiral. It is the same in a business. Of course the business-owner needs to keep an eye on the big things – and avoid their time being consumed by trivial tasks. But fixing the broken windows too is important. Do you know what your “broken window” is? Are you fixing the broken windows that come to your attention? Get in touch if you’d like help uncovering what broken windows your marketplace is seeing in your business.

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