What if those green faraway hills are new customers?

Just imagine something.

It’s about your business.

Just imagine that you’re delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

Will you keep all your customers?

You might like to think so but the answer is always no.

And why not?

They could die.

They could move away.

They could retire.

They could be sold to a buyer who has another supplier for the thing you do.

They might go out of business for reasons having nothing to do with you or the value you provide to them, e.g., silver mining towns in California. (More on silver mining later.)

For these and other reasons the chances of you keeping all your customers for the long term is nil.

What does this mean for your business?

You need to serve your customers well – but you also need to get new ones to (at least) replenish those you lose.

Which brings me to “John”.

I’m a client of John. I’m also on his email list. I see from his regular emails that he’s prospecting for new clients. As he should.

But John is doing one thing very wrong. His customer service is crap. (I’m not just talking from my own experience.) He uses a squeaky wheel approach to customer service. Ultimately this will cost him. Actually, it’s already costing him. I won’t refer anybody to him. I won’t buy again from him. He won’t upsell to me. And I suspect I’m not alone.

So John’s already suffering reputational damage and an opportunity cost.

I’m no longer shocked at seeing people like that chasing new customers. But it is a pity. Partly because it’s so avoidable.

Takeaway: take good care of your existing customers.

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By the way, here’s a link is to a wonderful video – 90 seconds long – of that ghost silver mining town in California that’s for sale – just $925,000 for the entire town!

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